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1942 Ford Script GPW
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WWII era Jeeps are easily identified by a number things. While they aren't full proof, using all or some of the markers will hopefully help date your vehicle. 65 plus years have gone by and more than likely, some modifications along the line have occured. Thus dating the vehicle can sometimes be a challenge. But these are some simple features to help determine if your jeep is a war time, or post war vehicle.
A correct war time jeep will have 9 slots in the front grill. After the war ended, all jeeps came with 7 slots. Basically the same thing as you see today.
If your glove box still has data plates, it will either say ford or willys. It also will have a date stamped on it telling you the month and year it was delivered to the military.
Located in the engine compartment,
the frame number is located on drivers side down by the shock absorber. it should say gpwxxxx, hopefully, it matches the engine number and the data plates on your glove box.
Also if your jeep has a tailgate, it's not a war time vehicle. always check the frame stamp number for starters and then go from there.
1942 gpw April
1942 gpw May
1942 mb June
1942 gpw July
1942 gpw Dec
1942 gpw Dec
1943 gpw Jan
1943 gpw Feb
1943 mb May
1943 gpw june
1944 mb Dec
1945 gpw May
1946 cj2a
1952 m38
If your jeep is a GPW, the front cross member will be square type tubing and possibly have a large visable "f" mark right in the center. if your frame is an mb, it will be round type tubing. this is the easiest way to determine if you have a ford gpw
or willys mb frame.