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DOD: April, 1942

Data and Frame# 16456

Est. Hood

Engine: #16456
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The F Bolt List
1942 Script Ford GPW Jeep
While the F Bolt list can be challenging and debatable, my formula is pretty simple... To date, I've gone through 16 GPW's to restore this Script project. If I pulled F bolts off a particular area on at least 4 projects, I believe it's plausible that the F bolts in question are correct and or came from the factory. I didn't just toss on F bolts every where on this GPW... Great detail, research and experience has gone into the placement of the F bolts. Not too mention the early GPW's had many more Ford bolts than the later models. So I believe without a doubt that the placement on this project are extremely accurate and correct. I will continue to add items as I do the rebuild so check back for the lastest!
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Frame Rubber Snubbers
Rear Passenger Brake Plate
Rear Differential Cover Plate
Rear Leaf Spring Clips
Rear Passenger Hub
Rear Driver Hub
Rear Driver Brake Plate
Front Differential Cover Plate
Front Differential Stopper Bolts
Pinion Gears
Rear Bumperettes
F Bolts
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The Rebuild
Front Driver Hub
Front Driver Brake Plate
Driver Knuckle Seals
Front Passenger Hub
Front Passenger Brake Plate
Passenger Knuckle Seals
Front Bumper - F Bolts
Front Leaf Spring Clips
E Brake Clamp on Bearing Cap
E Brake Linkage to Bearing Cap
Front Engine Plate - Inner Bolts
Oil Sump
CrankShaft Bearing Caps