1942 Script Ford GPW Jeep
Every one of these "F" or GPW Marked Body items are on this project. If you see it here, it's on my GPW! If the part requires F Bolts, click on the F Bolt next to the item!
The Body F Marked Items
DOD: April, 1942

Data and Frame# 16456

Est. Hood

Engine: #16456
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F Marked Parts
Parts for
Trade / Sell
My USMC Career
The F Bolt List
I Buy Old Jeeps Info
Dash Hooks
Ax Handle Bracket
Glove Box
Front Safety Strap Bolts
Foot Rests
Side Grab Handles
Corner Grab Handles
Tool Box Lid and Clasps
The Rebuild
Rear Seat Hooks
Rear Axe Bracket
Top Bow Bracket - Front
Top Bow Swivel
Top Bow Bracket - Rear