1942 Script Ford GPW Jeep
Every one of these "F" or GPW Marked Engine items are on this project. If you see it here, it's on my GPW!
Engine Components
DOD: April, 1942

Data and Frame# 16456

Est. Hood

Engine: #16456
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F Marked Parts
Parts for
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My USMC Career
The F Bolt List
I Buy Old Jeeps Info
Crossover Tube Bracket
Oil Filter Mounting Bracket
Crossover Tube
Cylinder Head
Valve Cover - Vent Tube
Flywheel Pulley
Pulley Guard
Bell Housing - Early Style
Air Horn / Bracket - RARE
Heat Control Valve
Air Cleaner Support Brackets
Rear Engine Plate
The Rebuild
Engine Cranking Nut
Camshaft Plunger
Front Engine Plate
F Bolts
Crank Shaft
Crank Shaft - Front Bearing Cap
Crank Shaft - Middle Bearing Cap
Crank Shaft - Rear Bearing Cap
F Bolts
F Bolts
F Bolts
Valve Tappets
Piston Arms
Piston Arm Lower Caps