1942 Script Ford GPW Jeep
Every one of these "F" or GPW Marked Transmission items are on this project. If you see it here, it's on my GPW!
Transmission Components
I Buy Old Jeeps Info
DOD: April, 1942

Data and Frame# 16456

Est. Hood

Engine: #16456
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F Marked Parts
Parts for
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My USMC Career
The F Bolt List
Inspection Cover
Mounting Bracket
Main Gear Shift lever
Slider Fork 2nd gear
Gear Shifter Guide Plate
Intermediate & High Gear
Syncronizers - Rare
Cover Plate
Slider Fork 2nd gear Shaft
Transmission - T84 Housing
High Speed Fork
High Speed Fork Shaft
Main Transmission Shaft
Oil Slinger - RARE
The Rebuild
Reverse Idler Shaft
Countershaft Gear Bushing
Low Speed/Reverse Fork
Low Speed/Reverse Gear
Front Main Drive Shaft